Find bash function

by Sachin
March 4, 2014

In this post I’ll walk you through few commands which will help to find the location & definition of Bash functions.

Introducing Clojure

by Sachin
October 18, 2013

Clojure has been around for couple of years now. It has been recognized for its features like functional programming, elegance, lisp and JMV support. Unlike many popular dynamic languages, it is fast and written to take advantages of all optimizations possible with modern JVMs.


by Sachin
August 26, 2012

pdftk can be an excellent tool for manupilating PDFs if you know some handy commands

Qemu - System emulator

by Sachin
August 23, 2012

In this post I will create an Qemu image and work with it remotely using SSH.

Assign IP address via command-line

by Sachin
March 24, 2012

Sometimes, assigning IP address using command line is much more easier than using Network manager applet, this post covers examples with syntax