ZTE Blade teardown

By Sachin
April 19, 2014

In an attempt to unlock RAM from 256MB to 512MB I bricked my ZTE Blade. These are the final snaps before it died. Here is the method I followed.


img 1. Motherboard–when outer cover removed

img 2. Touch panel

img 3. Inner back cover(front view)

img 4. Inner back cover(rear view) You can see speaker at the bottom

img 5. Front cover which encloses touch panel(rear view) You can see sensor circuitry at the top-left

img 6. Front cover which encloses touch panel(front view)

img 7. Buttons

img 8. Motherboard–closer look

img 9. Motherboard–closer look(other side)

img 10. Display

img 11. Display With Android logo at boot

img 12. Display With Idea logo. It doesn’t go any further.

Fortunately, I got another Blade with broken touch screen. I managed to replace the board[pic-9]. It was an amazing experience and I got all the hardware working :). Out of excitement, I bricked the new hardware too :P but this time it was successfully de-bricked(method-5)